Cosdoll (TPE & Silicone) (6)

CosDoll is the main product of high COSPA, high quality silicone head and TPE body, interactive sex simulator and technological breakthrough to achieve advanced buildup while improving production efficiency and low realism We have succeeded in realizing at a price.
Currently there is no official website in Japan, but som sexing tits e sites look like official websites, but they actually seem to be different. Due to the outflow of the official photo, the sales price in the same photo is also fallin dollz love g apart, but for that reason the quality and quality of the actual product arrived were also falling apart, but via that we arrived at the head house and promote sales tiny love doll We will deliver the same quality products as pictured.
This manufacturer not only produces regular function love dolls, but also develops products that can meet customer needs by installing Ai voice and electric oral functions on the doll one af japanese adult doll ter another. We are striving for.