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Thank you very much for coming to our shop from among the many mail order sites It's
is a doll specialty store dealing with TPE/sexy sex dolls. Japanese people who can respond directly by email or phone from customers in order to make purchases in Japan even m make your own sex doll ore confidently We have a desk by the staff. Please feel free to choose the product
● Our shop is a world-famous love doll manufacturer such as Android, WM DOLL, silicone female dolls Doll, etc. It is an authorized distributor in Japan. “Support your peace of mind and the fullness of physical” is our company management philosophy, thanks to a large number of people visiting our store. We carefully select high-quality products from leading manufac doll realistic turers, eliminate intermediate margins, realize the lowest prices in Japan, and above all, our staff's cordial service This is a factor in which the doll is receiving support.
●If you are wondering whether to pick you up, synthetic doll please come to the official website of [Ramondor]. The brands handled on this site are brands wh giant boobs sex ose design development, manufacturing process, and storage conditions at the local manufacturing plant have passed our handling standards af japanese anime dolls for sale ter confirming the quality of the products. Also, because dolls are of sexy doll buy ten in contact with your skin, they have passed RoHS/CE/FDA standards for materials.
●In order to deliver the ideal product of the customer, we carefully co full size sex nfirm the customer's request before entering the manuf diy sexy sex doll acturing process, After production, we will check the workmanship by photos and videos to the customer before shipping. We will deliver a wonderful doll with satisfaction and peace of mind. I will continue to strive with a new determination to reward your patronage on a daily robot humanoid for sale basis. Thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.

latest news

  • 【RamonDoll】All-aluminum joint conversion adapter for each manufacturer sold separately 2021/08/13
    In response to the diverse portfolio needs of our customers, it is made of all-aluminum, with an accuracy of up to 95%. After many trials and errors, each manufacturer's love doll he realdoll in use ad and body can be freely combined The adapter has finally started selling.
  • 【BJD Love Doll】Mini Doll New BJD Style Body Figure Doll 2021/07/01
    What is a BJD love doll? In short, it's a ball joined doll, a spherical joint doll. This time we will show you the upgraded BJD style new body. Compare sexsimulater free d to the conventional BJD style body, there are the following changes. ① Previously it was a hole type below the chest. This time, the entir realdoll sale e bottom, including the chest, is a hole type and this part can be replaced with the shape of the hole type and the normal type. ...
  • Real Girl TPE Head List with M16 Bolt 2021/05/18
    The Real Girl head, which has been popular with customers since its first release, is the biggest feature of face makeup by v robot sex art eteran artisans. It adopts M16 bolts, can be attached to most bodies, and love doll Looks more real
  • AXBDOLL head list has been updated 2021/03/23